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Since its founding in 1975, Venzie, Phillips & Warshawer has represented its construction industry clients in dealing with the full range of interesting and usually complex claims and issues that attend contract disputes on private and public works construction projects. To the extent that there is any such thing as a "representative" construction contract case, it is one where the firm has been engaged to perform most or all of the following services: review construction financing, contract or subcontract documents to efficiently identify the client's contractual rights or liabilities; interview key personnel on business or construction technology details; formulate an offensive or defensive strategy to pursue or protect the client's interests; implement that strategy through the commencement or defense of litigation, arbitration or any one of a number of effective "alternative dispute resolution" procedures (mediation, mini-trial, etc.); utilize discovery devices to facilitate development of arguments helpful to the client's goals; present the client's claims or defenses at trial, arbitration hearings or other fact finding proceedings; and participate in settlement negotiations and the preparation of settlement agreements, releases, etc.


The firm has also represented the fidelity bond surety on claims arising out of employee dishonesty and has gained considerable experience in the handling of contract matters pertaining to waste disposal, mold remediation and related environmental issues.


The firm has represented and protected the interests of its clients in state and federal court proceedings throughout Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware and other eastern states, in extended proceedings before the American Arbitration Association and in liquidation and reorganization cases before the United States Bankruptcy Courts.


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Venzie, Phillips & Warshawer is a proud member of the following construction industry trade associations:







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